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“Identity stolen sophomore year.”“Unexpected medical leave junior year.”
“Broke arm while studying abroad.”
“Computer stolen from dorm room senior year.”
“Not covered under parents health insurance.”

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Choosing which university or college to attend is a big life-decision, that students spend long hours deliberating over with their families. Location, program offerings, campus facilities and tuition costs all factor strongly into this major decision. It is one of the biggest emotional and financial expenditures they will make and yet, many families do nothing to protect their investment. Ideally the college years will consist of only the expected hurdles—some all night study sessions, an eccentric roommate, and a challenging professor—and culminate after 4 years in graduation. But life isn’t always ideal and sometimes even the best-laid plans get throw off course. Unexpected illnesses, early withdrawal and property theft, are all things that could either derail an education or, with proper protection, be a a bump in the road. This is where SallieMae Insurance Services comes in. With a full line of products —Tuition Insurance, Student Protection Plan, Renters Insurance, Student HealthPlan and Renters Protection—we provide a defense against the unexpected. Don’t be caught off guard. Secure your financial investment. Protect your students. Safeguard your peace of mind.

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Why Choose SallieMae Insurance Services?
SallieMae—the nation’s No. 1 college saving, planning and financing company—introduces SallieMae Insurance Services, a strategic initiative that safeguards the investment students and their families make in education. As of one of the leading financial service providers for universities and governments—including supporting $8 billion in ecommerce transactions annually at nearly 1,000 campuses—we bring the experience and reputation of the SallieMae brand to our new insurance and benefits programs, designed to support the goals of both education institutions and consumers alike. These programs are highly relevant to the life-stage risks faced by students and adults and aim to reduce the financial risk associated with the investment in education, as well as, the personal health, personal property and liability of your students.

Why purchase insurance?
Financial issues are one of the primary reasons many students are prevented from completing their education. With today’s rising expenses of education, institutions cannot afford to absorb additional risk-associated costs. Therefore, schools have a vested interest in protecting students and their families against potential financial loss, as well as, an ethical commitment to offer solutions that provide protection for the health and safety of their educational community.

SallieMae is an authority on the investment risks facing students and their families and shares the goal of educators to help students successfully complete their education. As a result, we are leaders in designing tuition protection products that help mitigate economic risk associated with unexpected disability, death, critical illness or involuntary unemployment. These programs help families protect their investment while also providing confidence to schools that financial commitments will be maintained should certain unforeseen disruptions occur to a family's income.

SallieMae recommends that all colleges and universities evaluate new approaches to providing protection with either a voluntary or involuntary form of tuition insurance. Our plan, the GradGuard™ Tuition Protection Insurance Program, is available to all full-time students attending an accredited college and university.


The 2009 Trends In College Pricing by the College Board estimates costs of $15,213 for the average in-state public student, inclusive of tuition, fees and room and board; $35,636 for the average private college education.

Paying for college is often times the 2nd largest expense for a family.

Education expense refund policies, have been traditionally provided only to private elite colleges and universities.

Refund policies of colleges and universities are becoming more severe with many now 0% of tuition after the 10 th day of classes.

Academic Fees and Room and Board comprise a growing percentage of the non-refundable costs of attendance.

Parent’s annual investment and participation in the funding of a college education is greater today than ever before. Estimated family contribution to education is greater than $160 Billion annually.

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Tuition Insurance
GradGuard™ Tuition Insurance refunds the cost of attendance including: tuition, academic fees, room, board and other related expenses. With annual coverage levels from $10,000 to $55,000, the plan is among the most flexible in the nation. Coverage is triggered when a student is forced to withdraw from an accredited educational institution as a result of a medical disability, illness or loss of life as a result thereof. A loss is calculated based on the non-refunded expenses incurred by the policyholder.

GradGuard™ Tuition Insurance coverage includes:
· 100% of covered fees due to Medical"disability" withdrawal
· 100% of covered fees due to the Death of a"tuition payer"
· 100% of covered fees due to the Death of a student
· 75% of covered fees due to Medical "disability" withdrawal due to emotional, nervous or mental disorders
· 0% of covered fees due to Voluntary Withdrawal

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GradGuardStudent Protection Plan

The Student Protection Plan is the nation's first comprehensive insurance and benefits solution specifically designed for college students.

Utilizing the patent pending, "Education Life-Stage Insurance"approach, the Student Protection Plan is built to meet the unique needs of students. The plan provides relevant insurance and lifestyle benefits to help students and families mitigate risk and financial loss. The plan includes the following features:

Tuition insurance protection AND
· Identity Protection and Resolution  
· Medical Evacuation Insurance  
· Small Gadget Theft Insurance 
· Merchandise Extended Warranty Protection  
· Personal Computer Protection
· Membership in College Parents of America

Callout Facts:

Students are more likely to have been or know someone who has been hospitalized or involved in an auto accident in the past two years (44% and 37% respectively).

One in eight (13%) has had to withdraw from school in the middle of the semester or knows someone who had to withdraw for a medical emergency or death in the family.

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StudentHealth Programs
SallieMae and Colleges both seek to mitigate the risks that could interfere with a student's goal of completing an education. Medical coverage is fundamental to this goal and is addressed through the Student Health Plan.

With an estimated 4.5 to 5.5 million college and university students uninsured (out of an estimated 19 million students) SallieMae Insurance offers the Student Health Plan. This plan provides students and their families with an alternative medical plan when: no parental coverage is available, when student coverage is better than available parental coverage or when out-of-network coverage makes parental coverage prohibitively expensive.

TheStudent Health Plan provides relevant benefits, guaranteed acceptance for members*, multiple coverage options, and flexible payment plans. Ideal for part-time, full-time or non-traditional students seeking an affordable alternative to limited coverage school-sponsored plans or the lengthy underwriting requirements of traditional permanent policies we offer:

The Student Health Plan complements existing school sponsored plansand provides even greater choice for your students with enrollment on a voluntary basis or through and integrated solution.

Callout Facts:

46% of students report that their school requires them to have health insurance.
One in 12 (7%) does not have health insurance.
2 in 3 (65%) are part of their “parents policy”.

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Renters Insurance
SallieMae Renters Insurance product protects students against losses for both their personal property and the unintended damage or injury they may cause to others. Personal liability protection as well as replacement cost coverage for personal property is unique to our service and provides a broader protection for students. The policy includes low deductibles and multiple coverage options.

With approximately 4 million students living on-campus across the county there is a high potential for personal property and liability risk for both residents and university housing. In addition, a family's homeowners' insurance policy may have policy limitations or high-deductibles that make renters insurance an affordable alternative. Coverage may be mandated by university housing offices or embedded with the annual cost of housing. Universities may also require proof of insurance prior to attendance.

Travel Insurance
More than 350,000 students annually study abroad, take internships away from campus or embark on spring break related travel. Travelling abroad can be an exciting and exhilarating time in a college student’s life but if an unexpected illness or accident occurs while away from home, it could prove to be quite another matter. SallieMae Insurance offers International accident and sickness insurance for a broad range of student travel and study abroad programs. This includes a comprehensive schedule of benefits and services which enable students to access quality medical care and travel assistance should the need arise. Universities are secure with the confidence they are providing appropriate coverage to both students and educators during their travels or study programs while families are reassured knowing students have access to health care and assistance should they be faced with an emergency or problem while overseas.

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