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Concept, Copywriting and Design
Concept uses famous “Joe’s” to illustrate the superior capabilities of what was "perceived" as an average company.
Not your Average Joes.
New England Printing & Graphics, Inc.
Spread 1:
Not your Average Printer.
An Above Average Company.

Featured Joe: (Joe Dimaggio/Baseball Player)
One hundred years in the major leagues, and we’re still at the top of our game. But what does our illustrious career mean to you? For starters, it means you can entrust a print job of any size and complexity to New England Printing and be assured of outstanding results. From digital printing to mailhouse services. All the collective wisdom and experience of our people shows up in our output. Our commitment to professional training makes sure our staff stays on the cutting edge of printing technology. We continually make investments in new and better equipment so we can offer you newer and better results. And because we’ve been independent for the last century (and intend to stay that way for at least the next one), we’ll continue to answer to our customers rather than our shareholders. All told, it’s an above-average career that has earned us some loyal and appreciative fans over the years.

Spread 2:
Above & Beyond the Call of Duty.
Above Average Service.
Featured Joe: (Ernie Pyle/Original GI Joe)
We make it a point to climb into the trenches and get to know you and your business. Whatever the size of the job you entrust to us,it’s an investment in your company’s image—and we treat it that way. Everyone from the president to the pressman is at your disposal, ready and waiting on the front lines to answer questions, solve problems, and deliver your job the way you want it. We’re always talking to you and to each other—even sharing our home phone numbers—so you can be confident we’re all on the same side. In pre-press, we’ll take your electronic file and pre-flight it to ensure the optimal end-result, correcting mistakes before they become more costly. We’ll recommend the best paper and inks for your job, respond to your ever-tighter deadlines, and offer free workshops to teach you about new technologies. When it comes down to it we’ll enlist whatever resources we need to guarantee the best job possible.

Spread 3:
Knockout Skills.
Above AverageCapabilities.
Featured Joe: (Joe Louis/Boxer)
We’re known for our one-two punch of talent and commitment.The talent is evident in our complete range of state-of-the-art productions capabilities and a commitment to staying on top of our game. Our new facility in Rhode Island offers the most advanced electronic imaging and pre-press systems available enabling us to deliver significant quality improvements to you in our computer-to-plate services. We also go to the mat to protect the environment through our silver recovery process, the use of water-soluble chemistry and employment of biodegradable materials, recycled papers, and soy-based inks. Whatever you need, we’re in your corner and it’s all in the service of delivering a knockout finished piece.

Spread 4:
All the Fancy Footwork.
Above Average Cost Control.
Featured Joe: (JosephineBaker/Entertainer)
We consider ourselves proficient in the delicate dance of getting the best results at the lowest cost. Allow us to lead and you’ll findt hat we’re a small company with low corporate overhead, which allows us to keep our costs more than competitive. We’re also able to act quickly and improvise new steps without missing a beat when something unforeseen disrupts the schedule or alters the budget. When your performance is on the line, choose a partner who knows the dance backwards and forwards.
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