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Copy and Creative Direction for Anti-Defamation League Annual Report.
Anti-Defamation League Annual Report - Introductory Paragraph and Section Introductions

Measures of Caring
You don’t need an imagination to realize there are still places in this world where anti-Semitism, hate, and bigotry are accepted—sometimes even celebrated. Places where religious freedom and civil rights are absent, and hate leaps off the pages of books, newspapers, and websites. We have seen it—sometimes in our backyards, sometimes worlds away—and many have paid the ultimate price for the indifference of others.

ADL believes in the power of standing up and speaking out against anti-Semitism and all forms of hate and bigotry. And with the ongoing threat of terrorism, ADL continues to be a strong advocate for making our communities safer without sacrificing civil liberties.

We speak out and ask you to join our partners, friends and fellow community members, to take measures towards changing the climate of our communities. We know that together, we can make a difference.

Taking Measures to Encourage Education
At ADL we understand the most effective tool for combating hate and intolerance is education. When you attack hate at its root you inhibit the chance for it to grow and flourish. In as many ways as society has progressed, we cannot deny that anti-Semitism and other forms of prejudice still exists in our schools, communities, and our world. ADL programs teach people—both young and old—to recognize hate, make a stand against injustice, and speak out to make changes in themselves and positively influence their peers.

Taking Measures to Ensure a Positive Future
In each of us there is the ability to make a difference. We hope that within these pages we have shown you some of the ways that will encourage you to begin or continue this important work. Work with ADL, work with your community, and work with your children to foster an environment of tolerance and understanding. From the smallest gesture to the largest, they all combine to benefit your individual life, as well as, humanity as a whole. Today, speak out against hate. Tomorrow shout. Your voice may make the difference for those unable to be heard.
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