Stock Photo Services
Copy, Creative Direction and Design for Image Brochure.
Won Silver Hatch award for copywriting.

IMAGE: Close up image of cow-facing camera.I drove by that cow every day and it was always just standing there with closed eyes. Some days I would wonder, ‘what do cows think all day’? Then other days it just made me thirsty for a glass of milk.

IMAGE: Child and antique dolls.
Hundreds of eyes looked up from the pile of photographs but none like hers, filled with little girl dreams and little girl wonders. Those eyes pulled me back into memories of hours spent in my grandmother’s attic, sifting through her childhood treasures. Amazed that she was once a little girl like me. And quite certain, in my own little girl mind, that I would never grow up.

IMAGE: Nature photos.
The majesty of the mountains.
The power of the sea.
The mystery of the desert.
Captured for a moment in time.
Never seen the same way twice.

IMAGE: Elderly couple sitting outside small shack-like building.
It seemed like we drove forever.
Fighting over radio stations and pit stops.
Sleeping at every fleabag hotel along the way.
And just when I thought we had seen it all, there it was.
It didn’t look like more than another greasy hole in the wall, 
but inside the aroma of spices and cooking was intoxicating.
To this day I still think of that place when I smell cilantro.
And sometimes I think of her too.

I had no intention of keeping him. One night is all, I said. But here I am 5 years later, tripping over him in the middle of the night, watching him stare for hours at nothing at all, and going from store to store for the one kind of cat food he will actually eat. I guess it’s time to give him a name.

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